Nov 28, 2012

/// Black Ops 2: Prestige Mode

Black Ops 2: Prestige Mode

Prestige Mode has been a longstanding Call of Duty tradition that extends its roots all the way back to Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat. With each passing title, Prestige Mode has added a few things to keep the multiplayer experience fresh and new. In Call of Duty 4, Prestige Mode was at its most basic; it simply reset all your guns and challenges and only rewarded the player with a new Multiplayer Rank Icon. In Black Ops 2, however, there are many changes to this mode and all of them will be outlined below.

The first major change to Black Ops 2 Prestige Mode is the change in the resetting of gun Levels. Modern Warfare 3 introduced Gun Levels, and those levels all reset in Modern Warfare 3. This meant that all the attachments and camos that earned for the guns would be reset when you Prestiged. This is only half true in Black Ops 2. In this installment, the gun levels DO NOT reset and the attachments you unlocked at those levels remain. For example, if you leveled the M-Tar Assault Rifle to level 6, then all of the attachments you unlocked will carry over to the next Prestige and your M-Tar will still be at gun level 6.

To go along with this, the camos that you earned for each gun will stay throughout each Prestige as well. This means if you happen to get that Golden M27 Assault Rifle, when you Prestige, it will be gold once again when you get the necessary level to unlock it. It’s a breath of fresh air to everyone looking to Prestige without worrying about Gun Level Progress. It was the reason for many people not wanting to Prestige in past games, but that has finally been addressed and players are free to carry over as many Golden guns as they possess through each Prestige.

While hitting level 55 in Multiplayer will let a player enter Prestige Mode, there is an option to Prestige each individual gun that they own. Each gun is capable of Prestiging twice, and each Prestige Level gives the gun the option to further customize it. The first gun Prestige allows the player to put their Clan tag somewhere on the gun, while the second Prestige allows for the player Emblem to be displayed on the gun. This does come with a price, however, in that you lose all of your attachments since the gun has to be reset at Level 1. The good news is that the camos you have earned for each gun will remain through gun Prestige’s as well.

The final tool in the Prestige Mode is two bonuses that a player receives after they Prestige. The first one is a Permanent Unlock Token that can be used to unlock a perk, gun or Kill streak that they will have forever throughout every Prestige and Level. For example, Ghost is not unlocked until level 55, but if you Prestige and use your Permanent Unlock Token on Ghost, you will have it right at that level and will have it throughout every single Prestige. Each player gets one of these tokes per Prestige that they can spend on whatever they wish.

The second item is a choice between three different options. There is the “Reset Stats” options which is essentially a Multiplayer Reset. It brings you back to Level 1 Prestige 0 with everything locked again, as though you turned on Multiplayer for the first time. The second option is a tool that lets you reset all Unlock Tokens that you’ve used during the current Prestige and gives you a fresh set. Essentially, you need an unlock token to unlock perks, attachments, guns and kill streaks as you level up, so using this item at a higher level resets all those tokens and gives you all the tokens back to be used.

The final item is the ever so popular create a class, which obviously, gives another create a class for players to have online. These options are all given every time a player Prestige’s, for a maximum of 10 Prestige modes. Hopefully this article gave more insight in to the ever popular Prestige mode and as always, I’ll see you all on the front lines.


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